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Clockwork Internet provides all of your internet hosting needs from just basic e-mail accounts, using your personal domain address for that professional appearance, through to sophisticated, full-feature website hosting with your personal control panel, enabling you to display to the world that essential, professional internet presence. Here at Clockwork Internet we talk your language and we take away the technical worries. We are proud of the relationship that we establish with our clients and we enjoy seeing them grow and flourish. Take a look around and if you have any questions don't hesitate to Contact Clockwork Internet today!


General Questions

Are your quotes free?

Yes indeed. Our quotes are free of charge and free of any obligation.

Do you prioritise international clients over New Zealand clients?

Definitely not! We are structured, and we operate in such a manner that there is no need to prioritise any of our clients over others. All of our clients, wherever they may be located, receive our full attention and service in a timely manner.

Where are you based?

We are a network of professionals, with differing skills based in different countries around the world. Our chief developers work out of New Zealand, Nepal and India whilst we have graphic designers based in Indonesia and Sri Lanka. Database experts in the USA etc. However, all work is funnelled through and managed by our New Zealand office and you will deal only with your project manager in New Zealand.

Does Clockwork Internet deal only with New Zealand clients?

No. Our client base extends around the globe and onto several continents. In fact, the majority of our business is currently outside of New Zealand. A great strength of our website development and hosting business is that we can provide a full and reliable service to anyone in the world who has a computer and an internet connection.

What experience does Clockwork Internet have?

Every member of our team has more than twelve years’ experience in the internet and website design and development businesses. Some of us go back to the late 1990s, when the internet was a very different place indeed! Our team has vast experience of creating a very wide range of websites, from smaller company brochure and informational sites, up to vast internet-based, back-end database systems for multinational companies. We will gladly create a single page which can be likened to an online advertising flyer for a smaller, perhaps one-man business. At the other end of the scale, we have designed and developed vast websites containing hundreds of pages with multiple databases and other functionality for large multinational companies.

In addition to our strong technical experience, we also boast an extensive design background and we have an understanding of what makes a website visually pleasing and easy to use. We have design and development skills and software packages that enable us to create complex websites packed with cutting edge technology which at the same time are visually attractive and easy to navigate.

We take pride in reassuring our clients that, if it is internet-based, we can do it!

Why don’t you offer unlimited bandwidth?

The reason why we do not offer unlimited bandwidth is because there is no such thing! Web hosts that offer such services are providing false advertising. Most will at the very least reassess you once your website starts to grow and use more bandwidth. For more information on unlimited bandwidth, please visit: support

Do you allow warez and adult websites?

We do not allow any kind of warez content on our servers, we allow only legal adult content at our discretion. Please refer to our “Terms of Service” for more information and contact us if in any doubt. Offending sites will be terminated without notice or refund.

Is there a minimum contract period or commitment?

No, there is no minimum contract period or commitment. You may contact our support department at any time to request a cancellation of your account. No further payments will be requested from you, although all monies paid are non-refundable.

Why should I choose Clockwork Internet hosting for my website?

When you entrust the hosting of your website to Clockwork Internet, you receive fast, reliable performance at a great value price along with an extensive array of tools and software to assist you in the growth and further development of your site. Unlike many other hosting companies that share hosting space with other parties, limiting the services that they can provide and leading to slow server response, our hosting servers are dedicated ONLY to ourselves and our clients. This enables us to provide our clients with high value, high performance, highly reliable, full feature, hosting at a truly competitive price.

What do I receive with my hosting account?

All of our website hosting packages come with a vast suite of features. Content management add-ons such as WordPress are standard and fully included in the price of your chosen hosting account. On the ‘Hosting Plans’ page of this site you can read more about the very many features that every one of our website hosting clients receives.

How long does it take for my hosting account to be set up and ready to use?

We will set up your account as quickly as possible after you have placed your order. This is normally within 12 hours but we can set up an account in minutes in cases of extreme urgency. Once you have received your welcome email (which is sent to you upon your account being set up), you can login to your account via FTP and upload your website.

My account has been set up, why isn’t my domain/website visible?

After you change the name servers for your domain, at the registrar where your domain is registered, it can take up to 72 hours for those changes to take effect (to propagate) although in reality it is usually much faster and on occasions can be virtually instantaneous.

If I sign up with one of your hosting plans now, can I upgrade later?

Of course! You can upgrade your account at any time, without any processing fees or interruption of service. All you have to do is let us know which hosting plan you would like to upgrade to. We can also customize a plan to match your exact needs.

Are my account files backed up regularly?

All accounts are backed up on (at least) a weekly basis and usually much more frequently. However, it is strongly recommended that you keep an up-to-date backup of your account on a local computer. Ultimately it is your responsibility to maintain a full back up of your account.

How do I backup my account?

You can download backups by logging into your account control panel and clicking on “Backups”. There you will find the facility to backup your home directory, your SQL databases and your email aliases/filters. Simply click on each link to download the backup files. We strongly recommend that you execute backups on a regular basis.

Domain Questions

Do you register domain names?

Yes – we can register any domain name on your behalf, subject of course to it not being already owned by someone else. Our prices are extremely competitive. For further information please contact our sales department at the appropriate time with the domain name that you would like to acquire.

Can I host multiple domains using one account?

Yes. You can host additional domains as sub-domains of your main account. For example, you can point “” to “” and have it appear as a real account to everyone else. This feature is useful for people who have more than one active domain name.

Can I change my MX record to use services like’s web mail?

Yes. You can change your MX record from within your control panel to have any server handle your emails.

What are my incoming and outgoing mail servers?

You should use ‘’ for both your incoming and outgoing mail.

How can I access web mail without logging in to the control panel every time?

You can access your web mail account by going directly to ‘’

Control Panel Questions

Do I get a control panel to manage my account?

Yes. You can log in to your control panel by going to and entering your account login and password.

How can I change my control panel style?

To change your control panel style, please log into your account control panel and click on ‘Preferences > Change Style’.

Billing & Payment Questions

Why do you normally require a deposit?

Every new website demands a significant investment of time on our part and as you will understand, design work produced for one client cannot be “resold” if suddenly it should no longer be required. The down-payment (deposit) provides a demonstration of commitment to the project by the client and it provides us with a degree of comfort and security against the otherwise certain loss if our client should be unable to complete the project, or for any reason cancel it after work has commenced.

Can I set up a payment plan?

Certainly! At Clockwork Internet we understand that cash flow can be tight, that businesses can experience peaks and troughs, and that website development costs may represent a significant investment to the smaller business. We shall be pleased to create with you a payment plan which will benefit your cash flow as much as possible. Your site will still go live as soon as it is ready – our first concern is to get you functioning online as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider renting your website from us for an initial period and then buying it outright when cash flow more readily permits the lump sum investment.

What alternatives are available for payment?

We are happy to receive payment via most major credit or debit cards, by direct bank transfer or deposit, by cheque or in cash (but please do not send cash via the postal services).

For the convenience of our international clients, we accept payments in US Dollars, NZ Dollars, British Pounds or Euros. However please note that, unless otherwise agreed in advance, we will always bill in US dollars. Should you wish to pay in any other currency, please contact us first to establish the correct equivalent which will include our costs incurred in transferring the funds, when received, into US dollars.

Website Creation Questions

Is your work guaranteed?

It certainly is. All of our new websites come with an appropriate guarantee during the currency of which we will remedy any defects etc. at our own expense entirely.

Do you offer a turnkey website design and build service?

Yes we do.  We are skilled in both fields and if we both design and build your new website, you can be confident that there will be no buck-passing. It all stops with us!

How much does a maintenance contract cost?

This depends almost entirely upon the size and complexity of the client’s website, but it can be as little as a few dollars a month for a small basic site whilst it can run into three figures for larger and more complex sites.

What is an optional maintenance charge?

Clockwork Internet understands that your website is likely to grow and that it will (indeed should) develop into a constantly changing site. As a result, it will require updating, or regular maintenance attention to allow it to grow with your business, to maintain its functionality and to upgrade components etc.

To help our clients to deal with this, without being hit by unexpected, high value invoices we normally offer clients the option of committing a modest amount on a monthly or annual basis as a website maintenance fee. This fee will cover just about all changes to the existing content of your site. Alterations such as the addition of new pages or changes to the structural design of the site or of a page may not be covered by the maintenance fee.

We stress that this is an optional service. If you are confident that there will be few changes to your website over the years, or if perhaps you wish to execute basic changes yourself, we will be pleased to make any changes to your website as and when needed and to bill for such changes as they occur, at our standard rates.

It should be noted that we set aside a certain amount of time each month which is earmarked solely for maintenance work on clients’ websites. Thus those clients who take out a maintenance contract will normally see their alterations or updates completed sooner than those who opt to have their work done as part of our queued orders.

Can I set up a payment plan?

Certainly! At Clockwork Internet we understand that cash flow can be tight, that businesses can experience peaks and troughs, and that website development costs may represent a significant investment to the smaller business. We shall be pleased to create with you a payment plan which will benefit your cash flow as much as possible. Your site will still go live as soon as it is ready – our first concern is to get you functioning online as soon as possible.

Alternatively, you may wish to consider renting your website from us for an initial period and then buying it outright when cash flow more readily permits the lump sum investment.

FTP Questions

Can I access my account via FTP 24/365?

Yes. Wherever you may be in the world, you can log in to your account via FTP or your personal control panel day and night to manage your account.

Programing & Database Questions

Do you support Perl/CGI and PHP?

Yes, we do support Perl/CGI and PHP.

Do you support MySQL?

Yes, we support MySQL. You can manage your databases from within your web-based control panel.

Do you offer any pre-installed scripts that I can use?

Yes, we have a variety of Perl/CGI and PHP scripts that you can use.

What is the path to Perl?

The path to Perl is: /usr/bin/perl

What is the path to Sendmail?

The path to Sendmail is: /usr/sbin/sendmail

Script & Software Questions

Can I run a message board on my account?

Yes. We support both Perl/CGI and PHP message boards. However, there are some older message boards that use flat files instead of a database (such as MySQL) to store all data which can create high server loads and are much slower. Therefore, we allow only message boards that use a database.

Which message boards do you recommend?

vBulletin and phpBB are two fully-featured message boards that we recommend.

Will you install a message board for me?

Certainly. Simply email us with your domain name, your FTP login credentials and your requirements. Message board pricing is: Per account, each install – US$ 80. Upgrades – US$ 80 for the first hour and $20 per 15 minutes or part thereof thereafter.

Guarantee Questions

Do you offer a website price guarantee?

Certainly. A cornerstone of our business policy is that once we have agreed a price with a client, it is final. There will be no unexpected surprises. If we should make an error in pricing a job, then we will bear any additional costs. We will NEVER ask any client to pay more than the contracted sum unless the client should have requested additions or significant changes to the originally contracted work.

Is your work guaranteed?

It certainly is. All of our new websites come with an appropriate guarantee during the currency of which we will remedy any defects etc. at our own expense entirely.

Do you offer a money back guarantee with your hosting plans?

To demonstrate our confidence in our product, we offer a seven day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our hosting service and you cancel within the first seven days of your account setup, we will refund your money (excluding any setup fees, fees for additional features and transfer fees).

Please note: The money back guarantee does not apply if your account is terminated at any time within the guaranteed period for breach of our terms and conditions, or if you exceed the allocated and allowed bandwidth usage for your plan. Accounts that are renewed for additional terms do not qualify for our money back guarantee. We reserve the right not to honour the money back guarantee where the customer has requested a refund in the past.

Do you offer an uptime guarantee?

If for any reason (other than scheduled maintenance downtimes and causes outside of our control) our network or servers are down for longer than 0.1% in any month, you may request a 50% discount for that month’s services.

Do you offer a price freeze guarantee?

With Clockwork Internet, there is no need to worry about an increase in your account fees. When you sign up for one of our packages and remain a continuous customer your fee will not alter while your payment plan remains the same. Please be aware that the price freeze guarantee does not apply to our hot deals or ‘specials’ or any discounted web hosting plans, nor if your account is suspended due to non-payment or for any other valid reason.

Client Testimonials

Clockwork Internet 5 out of 5 based on 17 ratings. 17 user reviews.
Clockwork Internet
“Fantastic work! Delivered on time, on budget and exactly what I wanted. Shukran! Thank you, guys!”

Why Clockwork Internet?

Clockwork Internet can guide and help you throughout the entire process of creating, hosting, updating and marketing your web presence. Most of our clients have a vision of what they want, but do not know how to achieve that vision. We support you from start to finish, answering your questions, addressing your concerns and turning your website vision into reality.

What are name servers?

Name servers are the means by which internet browsers (Chrome, Firefox; Opera etc.) know where to find the files that form your website. When name servers are set up, or changed, the resultant information has to propagate across the world-wide internet. This can be completed within one day (sometimes within hours) but can take as much as three days. At Clockwork Internet, we know how to manage a change of name servers so that, to the public eye, it is a seamless, 'invisible' change. Your site never disappears from public view during the changeover.

Search Engine Optimisation

Tap into the searches occurring in your industry and put your site directly in front of potential customers who are searching for what you are selling. Contact us to learn how we can optimise your visibility and positioning on the major search engines.