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Clockwork Internet provides all of your internet hosting needs from just basic e-mail accounts, using your personal domain address for that professional appearance, through to sophisticated, full-feature website hosting with your personal control panel, enabling you to display to the world that essential, professional internet presence. Here at Clockwork Internet we talk your language and we take away the technical worries. We are proud of the relationship that we establish with our clients and we enjoy seeing them grow and flourish. Take a look around and if you have any questions don't hesitate to Contact Clockwork Internet today!

Website Creation Process

All of our websites are created in five distinct stages

1.  Concept
The first step is to establish with our clients their requirements both for the website and of the website.  We will ask questions such as: What do you expect from your new website? Who are your target audience? What are your design preferences? Will the proposed site fit your corporate image – or do we need to create something entirely new? With the answers to our questions, and the concept established we have the information necessary to enable us to move to stage two.

2.  Site structure
We can now plan and design the structure of the site with diagrams where appropriate and specific, page-related notes. This will show us how all of the different areas of your site will come together and will bring to our attention any areas of possible conflict etc. It will provide also a clear build plan setting out the technological requirements of each section.

3. Design
Next we create a template page for your site which will provide a visual presentation of the overall look and ‘feel’ of your site. This is discussed with yourself and allows you the opportunity to comment on the colours, the theme, the navigation menus, fonts, graphics etc. With your approval of the overall design, we move on to the next stage.

4. Creation
Now we are able to commence the full build phase – but that does not mean that it is too late to make further changes. We encourage your input throughout. Now we are creating all of the other pages, based on the original template, to produce the first working draft of your site. In this phase we are into hard coding, creation of graphics, search engine optimisation and of course the linking of all of the pages to form the site as a whole.

5. Offline and live testing
Once the full, working draft of your new site has been completed, we begin an intensive testing phase to ensure that all is working as it should, before we actually publish your site. Assuming no bugs, errors or omissions are found, we will then upload your site to our servers but at the same time keeping it ‘hidden’ from the public eye. Whilst the site remains hidden it will undergo further extensive ‘live’ testing and only when we are fully satisfied that everything is functioning correctly, and you have given your final approval, will we unmask your site and make it visible to a world-wide audience.

You are kept fully informed throughout the entire process and your comments are welcomed at any stage.

Client Testimonials

Clockwork Internet 5 out of 5 based on 17 ratings. 17 user reviews.
Clockwork Internet
“Fantastic work! Delivered on time, on budget and exactly what I wanted. Shukran! Thank you, guys!”