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Clockwork Internet provides all of your internet hosting needs from just basic e-mail accounts, using your personal domain address for that professional appearance, through to sophisticated, full-feature website hosting with your personal control panel, enabling you to display to the world that essential, professional internet presence. Here at Clockwork Internet we talk your language and we take away the technical worries. We are proud of the relationship that we establish with our clients and we enjoy seeing them grow and flourish. Take a look around and if you have any questions don't hesitate to Contact Clockwork Internet today!

What is Web Hosting?

A website comprises many files for the visible site and many more for databases and suchlike that work in the background. These files are written in languages that can be translated by web browsing software such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. into the pages that are displayed on your computer. Along with your email, they sit on a specialised computer known as a web server, or simply a server.

In a nutshell, web hosting is the provision of space on the web server for your website files and your e-mail.
Your website needs hard drive space (or disk space) to accommodate its files. Obviously it is essential that this space is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Additionally, your website needs a fast and reliable internet connection to enable your site to be seen by potentially thousands of viewers every hour.

So why can’t my website sit on my own computer?
Technically, it can of course – but it wouldn’t work as well and your computer would have to run 24/7 and be constantly monitored. A web server is much more than a personal computer. In addition to hosting websites, the server also holds hundreds of software programs that both support and enhance the functionality of your website. Some of these programs add functions to your site, operate the database, offer backup facilities etc., whilst others (for example) will track your site’s visitors and produce statistics etc.

But to get back to web hosting………….
The two prime ‘components’ of a web hosting package are disk space and bandwidth.

Disk space
Disk space (sometimes called ‘quota’) is the amount of space on the hard drive(s) of the web server that is allocated to, or is taken up by your website and also any stored email although if you download your email onto your own computer, using a program such as Outlook, Windows Mail, Mac Mail etc, then very little disk space is required for email. However, if you leave your email sat on the server, it can quickly eat up your available disk space – especially if you should receive a lot of spam or large attachments. Many servers (ours included) are able to assist in the filtering out of spam.

How much disk space will I need?
Probably a lot less than you imagined. Your website files generally are small and compressed so that they can be downloaded quickly. Our web hosting plans offer generous amounts of both disk space and bandwidth with the result that the vast majority of our clients need only our smallest (Delta) hosting account for their site. But if your site or its traffic should grow, then we can upgrade your hosting account within minutes – even instantaneously in dire emergency.

Bandwidth is the capacity, often measured in bits per second, of communication channels between the web server and ‘visiting’ computers i.e. the measure of incoming and outgoing data traffic created by those accessing your website plus your incoming and outgoing email. These communication channels carry your web pages down from the server to be displayed on the viewer’s own computer – so the more visitors your site receives, the more bandwidth is required to accommodate those visitors.

Our hosting plans include a monthly bandwidth allowance which, like disk space, can be increased instantly if required and which is reset to zero on the first day of each month.

Our dedicated servers
Many hosting providers will share servers with other providers to reduce costs, but this can slow down access to your website and limit the services that they can provide. We have our own, dedicated Clockwork Internet servers which means that we can offer faster access to our clients’ websites for thousands of visitors from around the world.

Which of your hosting accounts do I need?
We are happy to advise you on this at any time, but we have six standard hosting packages – Delta, Gamma, Kappa, Omega, Sigma and Zeta – which offer realistic combinations of web space, bandwidth etc., although some clients may need more storage space for their files, or perhaps less storage space and a greater bandwidth allowance. If none of our standard packages is the right fit for you, we always are happy to create a bespoke hosting account that exactly matches your requirements.

As always, we shall be pleased to answer any questions that you might have and should you need (and be able) to meet us face-to-face to discuss any matter, do remember that our first meeting (at least) always will be free of charge.


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